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tuning amps

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menace   +1y
how do i tune my two amps to push out the same exact power, i set both amps to the same on the knobs but they still arent exactly the same.... im running two subs per amp and two of the subs arent quite hitting at the same rate as the others, i was told by a local stereo shop they could tune it just like they do for SPL cars, but i dont wanna pay out the $60 for them to do it... any advice?
CalvinRollin720   +1y
i had the same problem i juss turned both the amps all the way up... ?? and then my subs started to smoke so maybe dnt take my advice....
FADE2BLK94   +1y
LOL, try adjusting one at a time. Keep the volume set the same, turn one down and adjust the other. Then turn it down and adjust the opposite, note the loudness of each and the gain marks of each and try and set them that way by ear. They may use different gains setting but just trial and error for a while until you get it right.
menace   +1y
yeah i set them by ear now, but i still cant get them both right, is there a way to hook up a voltage meter to the amp and set them both so they are putting out the same power?
karathos   +1y
ever trust any voltage guage or anything like that on an amp. They usually arnt correct. The only way you will tune these to be the same is trial and error. I myself on multiple amp/sub installs always just tune each bank (pair) at a time, Unplug one set, tune. then do the other set. Also are you using all the same subs and amps? If not that could be a problem
menace   +1y
yeah im running 4 12" Kicker CVR's and 2 alpine M850 amps... they are all in the same box, just with a piece of wood between each sub for strength, its not individual chambers, so thats whats throwing it off i think
FreelandKustomz   +1y
deffinitly why its throwing it off. The speakers are "talking" to each other. thats not a problem when you have 1 amp but when you throw 2 in there it can become a problem unless you know how to tune them. I would pay the 60 bucks and leave it to the professionals
shaggy_ky2001   +1y

with my JL 1000/1v2 i had to tune it with voltmeter set to a/c.. turn bass,treble, to zero on deck loudness off, sub to 0. un hook subs from amp, turn the gain down on the amp. get a cd track of 40 -50 hertz put your meter on the outputs of the amp turn deck up about 3/4 of the way and play that track you can set things to match from there.. you might have to adjust your setting a little on the amp when you adjust the radio.. doing the JL amps this way you can set the gain perfect.. my owners manul has voltage for 1.5 ohm 3 ohm and 6-8 ohm...

Lowered Depths   +1y
Get rid of the common chamber box, subs are fighting for air and it's not good.  Spend the 50 bucks build a box with 4- 1 or 1.25 cu ft chambers and you should eliminated the offset of the sub excursion. As long as gain on the amp is set the same or very close you won't be able to notice any difference.
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