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how to convert 67-72 chevy c10 to 5 lug

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bdydrp97s10   +1y
i just bougth a 68 c10 and it has drum brakes all the way around. i want to convert to 5 lug.

but im not going to buy and expensive kit, i believe somebody said you can use 85 spindles and rearend..

is this true will the rearend bolt up in place of the 68
KNDAlow   +1y
71 was the first year that they went to 5 lug, you could use those parts
YOLO   +1y
stay 6 lug, you will have much more options. my 63c10 was six lug and I kept it that way. Check out different wheels sites, you will have a ton of options for 6 lug. DONT DO 5 LUG you will HATE IT LATER!
BMC2U   +1y
Most likely it will not just bolt up. Your truck probably has trailing arms (though some GMCs and some 3/4 tons were leaf). You'll need to get new spring seats to weld onto the axle if your truck has trailing arms.
The spindle won't just bolt up in the front. You'll have to change the lower ball joint and I believe the tie-rod end too. You'll also need new brake lines...and if your truck doesn't have power brakes, upgrading to five lug discs is pointless.

FWIW--the 73-87 entire front crossmember and suspension can be fairly easily bolted right in using most of the factory holes.

You'll save a few bucks with junkyard parts, but the conversion kits are worth it and the piece of mind the parts are new and made for that application.
bdydrp97s10   +1y
what wheel site would you recommend for six lug wheels
bdydrp97s10   +1y
and whats the bolt pattern on a 68 c10 if anybody knows
bustedcustoms   +1y
you can use 73 and newer spindles calipers rotors and everything and will bolt right up,but you will have to use 3/4 ton tie rod ends and ball joints and the steering rod. but its cheaper than buying a kit. I bought the spindles and rotors and calipers and the steering rod off some guy for like $20. And then all new tie rods and ball joints it was preety cheap.
lobdyblazr   +1y
I suggest not doing it...
bdydrp97s10   +1y
well i would prefer not doing it, but im having a hard time finding 6 lug 20's at a reasonable price.

could sonmebody let me know where to find 6 lug 20's at??
one_low_sixty8   +1y
6 lug 68 chevy is a 6 x5.5" bolt pattern. im changing my 68 c10 over to 5 lug right now as well.. there are a few ways you can do it. as mentioned above, the 73-87 spindles/brakes will bolt right up. that gives you a bolt pattern of 5x5". also, 71-72 c10s came with 5x5" disc brakes up front. if you want 5x4and3/4", it gets trickier. for 5 on 4 3/4", you can run your stock drum brake spindle, 1970-81 Chevelle rotors, 1969-72 Camaro Calipers, and all the wheel bearings from the chevelle as well. this will give you 5 on 4 3/4" bolt pattern. you will need to make a spacer that fits between the spindle and caliper. Classic Performance Parts in Anaheim, CA just came out with this kit with everything you need for only $375. heres the link,

the only problem with that way of doing it, is you cant use drop spindles. that will only work with the stock 1/2 ton drum brake spindles. thats why i didnt go that way. im using disc brake spindles off a 71 c10. those brakes are 5x5, so i popped out the lug studs, milled out the back of the rotor, then drilled my new 5 on 4 3/4" bolt pattern. ive got a new axle for the rear that is 5 on 4 3/4" so thats my only suggestion for the rear. hope this helps..