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Car Care \  best chrome/aluminum/billet polish PERIOD!

best chrome/aluminum/billet polish PERIOD!

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suckafree   +1y
Metal Gloss!
Just wanted to see if anyone else has used this stuff. Me and my brother went to chicago world of wheels and he picked some up.....I will never use another polish!
I hand polished my aluminum radiator to look like chrome. (besides by the welds).
Highly suggest it for those running polished aluminum intakes.
Downside is I have never seen it on public shelves.

No I dont sell the stuff or am I peddling it
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Jance Customs   +1y
I have some of it and it works great! You can't find it at stores you just have to find a dealer at a show. I bought some at Texas HeatWave one year. If you ever see a guy with polished pop cans on display be sure to get a bottle of it. I think it's about $5 a bottle but well worth it I need to pick some more up, I'm about out of mine

You can order it online. You might check ebay?
suckafree avatar
suckafree   +1y
I paid 10 bucks a bottle...forgot to add you need the polish and sealer.
I use the polish for all types of metals by the way.
crewcabondubs avatar
crewcabondubs   +1y
i also bought some at a wow show! works great even tho i havent had much use for it lately!! lol
mazb2lo avatar
mazb2lo   +1y

i will have to try that i havent had to do much polishing lately
so does it work well for forks and knives too i got some tarnished one i really need to do some work on
relaxednoma avatar
relaxednoma   +1y
Got some of it at the local ISCA show in Cincy this year, AMAZING stuff!
oneandthenanother avatar
oneandthenanother   +1y

works great i got some at smoky moutain autofest last year only thing that would take the dark look off of my valve covers and entry plates

This must be a sign, i was supposed to buy aluminum polish today!
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my1994s10   +1y
I bought this stuff a few years back off of ebay and I use nothing else. Best I've found too.
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