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1st place under construction turkey drag 08, and best of show for fabrication @ turkey drag 08 Its in the jan 09 sport truck coverage of heat wave. My first truck in a mag. May 09 sport truck busted knuckles


still undecided will have something under or threw the hood.


Shaved doors, mirrors, antenna, gas door, tailgate handle. 2 1/4" out of the roof. doors are capped. no side windows. shaved seams in bed. Right now she is in San Antonio getting the cancer and bed body work done. Sectioned 2 inches out of the bed. and mo


not much left framed the floor and looking for bomber seats


none last thing on my mind


3/4 frame, cando lower control arms 4 re6 slams. one off 3 link out back. most parts are one off from Nick @ Danna Custom Fab


17's eclipse till I find something better


Future Plans

glad to be working on her again. This truck will get done just not tomorrow! When its done its done. Thanks to Nick Danna @ Danna custom fab for most of the fabrication on the truck. Trevor Knapp for starting the body work and doing some work I did'nt wan

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