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  • 2000 Nissan Frontier
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being in my garage and knowing its all mine lol driving it


4 banger


all the goods, plus some.... shaved up really good, trail blazer clip up front,custom hood, billet grill, 3 color leds in tailgate, clean sheet metal bed, bed lined, few small things , painted it a gloss blue, looks good


its there, smoothed, needs a lil work, custom box in back for 3 10's, custom console, nice shaved dash...painted some parts blue


nothing, not sure really if i need em in it...yet


sfbd 2x3 slams re6's old school thomas compressor 7 gallon tank -under bed- hard lined stainless 4 valves 4 shocks a few custom parts up front tubular arms drives so nice loven the 5 speed too 2 linked panhard bar bags on bar , 2 rocker sw


boyd slayers, one of the best rims ever imo, im on love 235/45/20?? bf goodrich g-force like new grip .. rims you keep forever


Future Plans

keep driving it, keep it clean and do a few small things to it.... hold onto it..... low life- .....< that was 2 months ago lol its gone, traded again, but i think its in good hands, minitrucker forever.. i love this shit, stay low or die

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