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dont really care, i just love rolling to shows and checking stuff out.


4 cyl, it runs great, 30800 miles..it has a exhaust somewhat, thats getting cleaned up


01 front end, lexan rear window w/ license plate, shaved atenna, corner lights, gas door, one piece tailgate/roll pan, so thats a shaved tail gate. red/clear tails. sheet metal bed with custom battery and air tank holder........ hot rod flatz daytona blu


stock with clean 94 celica seats that fit perfect. clean look to em. check out this style if you can some........blue dash,etc... new door panels and pretty much all new interior, billet handles, momo steering wheel thats clean, new rug, headliner and wha


all new speakers and cd player.... 8 in bazooka tube..it hits pretty good....good enough


bd 3 1/2 slam specialties air bags reverse 4 link and a few other things 4 older thomas compressors. parker valves? shocks in rear...3 1/2 traditonal bd.....


18 adr titans with low pros there nice....kinda look like trucks rims to me


Future Plans

**sold it 7-23-07** just ride it and represent minitrucking as much as i can...im sick of people out the blue telling me to ''hop it, raise it up'' but then i ride low and kinda of roll on by with that feel................later "keep it clean"

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