nwb2000's 1986 Mazda B Series Truck B2000 1 view(s) today


  • 1986 Mazda B Series Truck B2000
  • Color: Black / Rust
  • Mileage: 133000



Its an SE-5!


Bone Stock. 5 Speed.


Still has SE-5 sticker. (Looks bad needs to go) Treating the rust in the bed before lining it. Peeling clear coat on hood and roof.


Dirty, partially broken. At least the dash is not cracked.


Pioneer DEH-4400HD Head Unit. (2) Alpine SPS-410 4" Speakers. Pioneer Premier PRS-D4000F Amplifier. JL Audio CP108LG-W3v3 8" Subwoofer Enclosure.


This thing has suspension? I thought it was all tire roll.


Black and white painted 14" steel wheels. 205/75-14 tires that leak.


Sat for about 7 year in a driveway before I bought it in August 2012. Looking pretty good for all the rain it has been through. Fixing it up as a daily driver.

Future Plans

18" Wheels. 3" static drop front and back. DJM LCAs, blocks and shocks. Minor sound deadening. Blower Motor.

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Added my 1986 Mazda B Series Truck!
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A friend was using my truck and the head gasket blew. I knew it was coming since I could see contamination in the fluids and white smoke on startup.

$300 later the cam journal is bore aligned, leaks were checked for and not found and it is shiny.

I was trying not to invest much in the existing engine while entertaining the thought of a FE DOHC conversion. Apparently I will now be rebuilding / replacing the factory carb and moving on the the body and interior for now.
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