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streetsourcemag.com making a mousepad with my truck on it


20r toyota motor, ported polished, cam, header modified heavly even with zoomie pipes in the air, ported and polished intake, running around 200 hp at the flywheel. it is nasty, radiator in the bed and some other crazy stuff. lots of bare metal and polish


1948 international harverster red with ford 8n gloss black frame. shaved doors, seams, hinges, roofline where orginal vinyl top laid and now all smoothed with a 1/2 bead around the roof. 1959 cushman truckster one year old bed. all shaved shut with bare s


some tuck and roll silver marine grade vinyl a suicide knob a panic button and a big turn on swith and tons of bare metal.


lol yeah the header popping and spitting fire in the air and under the cab.


front and rear axle over the frame. front is cantilevered rear is upside down quarter elipitcals. front and rear friction shocks. all handbuilt frame. corvair steering box mounted straight with the pitman arm upside down. the truck is right had drive.


19x3" front ford 9n tractor wheels with coker repoped 1938 harley davidson firestone tires. rear are international harvester 20x5.5 inch steelies running 1928 model AA ford repoped coker tires firstone tread again. front wheels ride on no front brakes and


Future Plans

try and buy it back? 7 monthes between pics

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