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  • 1990 Chevy S-10 Blazer
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stock 4.3 170k miles, lil bit of dress up stuff, cleaned up a lil bit of stuff, edelbrock air cleaner, flowmaster 40 turned down, gets mistaken for a 350 all the time!!


shaved spare tire holder, roofrack, tailgate, drivers and passenger side door handles using "key trick", wipercowl, primer, rollpan got a toy bumper with paintable valance that i'm priming right now getting ready to go on


black electric leather seats from a 94 bravada, wrapped gauge pod, glovebox door, and plate where deck used to be in salt-and-pepper tweed, a-pillars done in black tweed, just need more tweed to redo my pillars, relocated my deck to console, removed backs


pioneer premier p360 deck relocated to console, clif design 6.5 seperates installed in doors, sony 6x9's in back temporary until i can afford another set of 6.5's for the back in tweed panels


4x4, lowered 6/6 with 3in blocks, pulled overload and middle leaf, and chopped t-bar x-member, was 8/6 drop, but it was tooo low to be human, so i until i get bags i have to deal with the 6/6 b.s., saving for bags, YES IM BAGGIN A 4X4


18 x 8.5 TSW trophys with 225/40 ventus tires, after bags hopefully rolling boyd coddington 18's


Future Plans

bags, paint, more body work, crazy ideas for taillights, and liscence plate, new rims after bags, still got lots of work to do!

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