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  • 1996 Ford F150
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to be able to fire the welder and grinder up once in a while and work on it.


300 straight six with a 5 speed


primered grey. shaved: emblems, antenna, drip rails, stock mirrors, stakepockets, both gas filler doors, taillights, sheetmetal bed floor with compound curves and tubs welded in. shaved tailgate with 49 ford taillights frenched in upside down, licence pla


fiberglassed: A, B pillars, headliner, cosole insert with plexiglass, door panels with woodgrain inserts, both kick panels with a plexi ford oval shaped insert glassed in that is backlit with white neon so it glows Ford. the subwoofer box is also woodgrai


13.3" tv where the glove box used to be. plexi here and there. relocated A/c controls, bed cut out for a transmission line handmade box for 3 Diamond audio 12's hitting 150 or so db on the dash. a bunch of speakers glassed in places that they didnt come f


lowered a few inches in the back to level it out, i dont want to bag it with beams. i want to do it right and do control arms.


stock, I'm rocking those raised white letter tires though.


Future Plans

build the truck from the ground up with my own to hands in my backyard

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