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  • 1989 Mazda B Series Truck B2200
  • Color: Red
  • Mileage: 144000



none yet


Stock carbed 2200. Thinking of a diesel swap down the road (VW TDI).


Maybe some subtle mods with the grille, headlights and tail lights and wheels. A mild lift for a PreRunner look. Got some nice 235/75R15 tires and 15" wheels, just need to lift the truck so they can fit.


Stock. Love the bench seat. You can't get those anymore!


1990s AM/FM/Cassette with a custom coat hanger antenna (oh yeah)! Soon to be replaced with a modern stereo that has an iPod hookup and maybe even satellite radio.


Future plans are to go to a "Prerunner" type set up with a lift, improved suspension components (similar to a 4x4) but on a 2WD.


Stock 14" black steel wheels black with whitewall tires (not for much longer though).


Rust free Florida truck! Will get it oil sprayed/rustproofed every year if I will drive it on snowy and salty roads. I almost want to park it for the winter months, but I bought this truck to drive it.

Future Plans

Minor cosmetic improvements (paint cap red, custom headlights, paint grille and bumpers, remove old graphics). Go to 15" wheels with all terrain tires, mild 2" lift and suspension upgrades for a "Prerunner" effect. Swap out engine for

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Added my 1989 Mazda B Series Truck!
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Very cool man that was a great buy 900 bucks good shit, I like your plans I had a hard time finding a lift kit for my first b2200 so I just torqued the torsion bars all the way, got some nice shocks and got rid of the rear bumper and assembly, and the plastic parts of the front bumper. That gave it a good three inches and was so fuckin awesome offroad I could beat my friend in his s10 with 4" fabtech lift, could have just been the driver too lol.
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