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most ghetto, NEVER GO TO AMS BECAUSE THEY CAN''T BAG anything or DO ANY CUSTOM WORK!!! AMS SUX .... EVERYTHING THAT THEY TRIED TO DO (NICE TRY AMS..... NNNNNOOOOOOTTT!!) MUST NOW BE RE-DONE, OR REPLACED, as you can see their ghetto wire caught the truck o


stock, im guessing its pretty beat up, since Chris Murray, and Mario from AMS (AMS SUX!!!) LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING ELSE, it finally starts up now.....so i can drag it when i get my seats dash, gauges and all my lights in it


shaved doors, trailor tails, shave tailgate, molded tail gate, 4x4 front fenders, one piece shaves stock bumper, shaved gas filler, antenna, squierters, some one stole the mirrors,


WAS red leopard with grey tweed, some blue and purple in various stupid locations (the fags from AMS picked out the interior). I put the dash back in ... just need some help on the seat mounts so i can drag the bitch


nothing right now, alpine that was used by the last guy is going back in there though


I got the bags set up taken care of by a friend of a friend, he did a bad ass job, got the 2 link with the pan hard bar, and he cleaned up ALOT of the work that the lame ass guys at AMS did. It finally lays frame now that mike redid the bag work. And i


chrome pathfinders with 50 series tires ... want to put off road tires on it


Future Plans

if i told you, id have to kill you, or hire someone to do it for me. lol jk. but youll see once its done ... need alot of help on it though ... looking for a good shop that can get me good prices for alot of work, i will be doing alot of shit to it, and

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