kaoss's 1992 Mazda B Series Truck B2200 1 view(s) today





32/36 DGEV Weber conversion, Pacesetter header, and removed all unneeded wires and vacuum hoses.


Chrome grill and bumper. Rest of body in progress.


Brown and oatmeal tweed seats, tweed covered center console, painted dash with minimal to retain a "stock" look.


Premier deck, 2 MA audio 10's powered by a 1000w amp, Kicker k60's, and some 4" infinities. Viper alarm.


2500lbs contitechs all around.8 3/8" "E" air valves, 1/2" airline, 2 Viair 380's, 5 gallon tank. Mechanical advantage in rear.


16" z71's.

Future Plans

Shave the body. 2004 Lamborghini Rosso Metis paint. Rebuild motor. Try to convince myself that I need different wheels.

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kaoss avatar
kaoss   +1y
Added my 1992 Mazda B Series Truck!
old red avatar
old red   +1y
I'd love to see some more pictures. -interior, too.
mazstang avatar
mazstang   +1y
me too, that is a clean truck you got there. post more pics of the interior
badchicn (rick) avatar
badchicn (rick)   +1y
Sweet truck! I wouldn't change your interior...Its too clean.
89onbags avatar
89onbags   +1y
clean and simple.
b22low avatar
b22low   +1y
racer x avatar
racer x   +1y
loving that clean look with the z71's and that awesome paint color.
audioinmotioninc avatar
audioinmotioninc   +1y
very nice... my truck is going to be 2007 lamborghini california orange
spoolinx avatar
spoolinx   +1y
i love the color and the console...
harris1 avatar
harris1   +1y
Love it!!!
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