jdogg's 1987 Mazda B Series Truck B2000 2 view(s) today


  • 1987 Mazda B Series Truck B2000
  • Color: Red
  • Mileage: 160
  • Club: N Luv Customz



Stock 2.0


Chrome bumper,Clear corners & signals,Ranger headlights,All red taillights,Tinted windows,chrome mirrors, chrome door handles, chrome tailgate handle.


Stock for the most part. The seat is covered in tweed.


Pioneer head unit, 1 12"Sony Octagon in a custom built box by Tuna (Freeman's car stereo). 980 watt Power Acoustic amp. 4 pioneer highs and mids.


suspension? 4"blocks monoleafs just 2,NO torsion bars



Future Plans

Upholstery by miller,yea ill tell all OOOOOOOKK.

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jdogg   +1y
Added my 1987 Mazda B Series Truck!
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carolinasled   +1y
what is that a yota? show some pix of it beside your truck....
jdogg avatar
jdogg   +1y
yea its a yota.
roknmotor avatar
roknmotor   +1y
nice mazda is that yota yours???
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jdogg   +1y
Its my boys yota.........
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88b2200mazdog   +1y
Is that a scratch on your hood????
and do you have any tail lights for sale??
carolinasled avatar
carolinasled   +1y
deff. a clean truck...tails look good
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toddluck   +1y
havent seen yo around here for awhile where yo been hiding??
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jdogg   +1y
Its been awhile
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hex0rz   +1y
Like the headlights! Rangers? How does that xplod treat ya? I never hear anything good about 'em..