schardbody's 1991 Mazda B Series Truck B2600 2 view(s) today


  • 1991 Mazda B Series Truck B2600
  • Color: red
  • Mileage: 30


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schardbody   +1y
Added my 1991 Mazda B Series Truck!
silverbody96   +1y
Thats awesome! I like what you did with the pathy's!
carolinasled   +1y
manual valve? what kind? when you get electrics i want the manuals.....
schardbody   +1y
not sure what kind of manual valves they are, might be some older style MIC, definately not the FBI ones. but im not too sure, i didnt buy them. give me a couple weeks, 2-3 at the most, and i will sell em to you. i know they go for about $50 each new, so im gonna say like $50 for both, or trade for a NICE switchbox, not the generic 10switch stuff.
bagged2600   +1y
Nice truck,what kinda intake did you put on it?I heard the civic intake works.
schardbody   +1y
yeah, its for a 92-95 civic, any model. you have to put it on backwards though.
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