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  • 1972 Chevy C-10
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350 with a 70r4 behind it the 350 is buildt but have no idea whats inside it but runs fast


its had the side markers shaved and thats bout it felt that the door handles looked good on it wanting to keep it look'n like just and old truck but its flat black now just wait'n on clear and it has a suicide hood and a full bed floor that is 13 in deep


its all been painted ppg just black and has the factory black bench seat wich is the only part of the truck i did'nt have to replace or fix. and it has the factory radio and gauges. just like the way it came witha tach hidden in the ac vent


has factory stero in dash and has a alpine in an under dash mount with 10 speakers hid inside (seriously u can't see any)


bagged Z'd lays body (not pinch full body) on some 20s with big as 45 series tires. front is just some slams. the rear frame was thrown away and backhalfed by me.


20 infive spoke somethings got them from a friend


Future Plans

get it drive'n good and drive it everyday cause people told me that it does'nt make since to drive it everyday and burn so much gas and since its so nice

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