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1st place spl class 1 hooters bash 1 place spl bayside car show 3 place spl harley bash 2 place spl godspeed show 3place mini truck


totled out new town car on the way


silver billet antenna blue l.e.ds in my headlights to give it a lil glow tinited my taillights to come shave it all


blue and black velvet thinking of removing the black and doint purpleim removing it all and making it smooth like a babys but o and paint it to match the up coming paint job


redoing 2 10 memphis PR ok a 400 watt audiobahn jbl door speaker on 200 watt audiobahn memphis line driver in a custom fiberglass box


baged at the end of this year hahaha dont car how low just that its baged right now it u want u can donate to me sum 4 links


17 dayton thinking about 20 dayton


Future Plans

plansget a new ride and start over ok goal do year thing with income tax throw the years bag this year shave and paint next year im hoping and damn wire wheel hop to have them sold this month and to get in a club that is like a second family not 1 of the

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