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None so far. I baught the car about 3 years ago and ran into some personal problems. So therefore I really havent been able to do alot to it. But now I am back on track and its about to go down.


It has the stock 1.5ltr in it. I've been doing some work to it. I've had it sleeved to a 2.0 and I've also had it ported and polished. It has a K.N cone air filter on it. Working on making a custom intake for it right now. Ordering an exhaust header and c


Right now its the factory green but I like that color. So I am thinking about just refreshing the paint thats already on it.


Gonna go with some green to match the paint and some silver tweed. That stuff is easy to clean and I have two kids. Plus this is an everyday driver. So no need to go all out on it yet.


Pioneer cd player, Kicker interiors, Kicker sub, Kicker amp, Kicker wiring kit, And a custom built box by none other, ME.


Have added some 1.6" lowering springs to it and now it sets just right to me. Well for now anyways.


Thats the problem i havent tackled just yet.


Future Plans

Really to damn many to list so I am not even going to try and list them all right here.

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