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Suicidal Civic
  • 1992 Honda Civic
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JDM D15b VTEC SOHC, Dynatech 4-1 Ceramic Race Header, JDM A'PEXi N1 Header back exhaust, J'S Racing style intake, Nology Plug wires and Power Core, Silverstone plugs (they were free, but would not be worth 60 bucks), Top Speed Pro 1 Pressure Regulator, ST


shaved everything....inner tails, outer taillights, tag, handles, wing holes, trunk key hole, squirters, moldings removed and holes behind them shaved leaving body line, antenna, suicide rear doors, LED taillights in rear bumper, sliding rag top, Titanium


Vibrant Performance all fiberglass dash, full set of SW Performance Gauges, DAD Blue Suede seats in front, Sparco Extreme 2 steering wheel, Sparco Smart Pedals, fiberglass and carbon kevlar center console.


Clarion DXZ925 cd player


1/2" 5/8 port GC 450 Valves in front Asco 1/2" nickel plated valves in rear, 1/2" lines, Chassis Tech 6 gallon billet aluminum tank, Oasis XD2000 Compressor. Hack Shack 9 switch micro computer switch box (very cool), real carbon fiber strut bars, SPC Camb


19" Team Dyanmics RVR2 hyper silver rims and 18" Konig Next Forged Bronze wheels


Future Plans

sale, i have lost interest in the scene i guess, growing up a little maybe, who knows, people just taking the whole car show and fixing up cars hobby to seriously these days, lost the fun aspect of it

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