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1st @ Spring Bash XI in Lawton, OK 3rd @ Spring Bash X in Lawton, OK, 3rd @ Lowdown Showdown, and three small-town show tropheys, got 2 2nd place trophies for "dB Drags" I hit a 131.7 @ the 1st comp., and I hit a 139.8 @ this last one in Stillwater


bone stock ''n loving it 3.0L v-6 , 4-banger s-10''s BEWARE


black paint w/ orange flames on hood and bed cover, fabricated grill inserts, shaved emblems and trim and tailgate, molded rollpan, filled and smoothed bed rails, euro tails, clear corner markers, JUST GOT MY 2002 RANGER EDGE FRONT BUMPER ON! (pain in the


ULTRA LEATHER and FLAMES! gray ultra leather bucket seats with molded flames on the back of the passenger seat, ultra leather headliner w/ flames, pass. airbag panel w/ flames, doorpanels w/ flames


Kenwood Excelon 959 head unit, Excelon Music Keg,Sirius Satelite Radio,JL audio 5.25 evolution co-ax in the doors, tweets hidden in the dash, crossfire vr-1000D amp, 2 crossfire P-1 15s in a custom fiberglass enclosure covered in ulta-leather to match the


Front: 3" dropped dream beams w/ 2500 firestone bags on fabricated brackets, sylonoids on 1/2" line Rear: monoleaf w/ flip and blocks, fabricated 4" monster knotch w/ bridge holding 2600 firestones w/ sylinoids on 1/2" line. all on a 7 gallon tank pumped


17x8 CHROME eagle alloys


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