lilred88's 1988 Mazda B Series Truck B2200 1 view(s) today





2.2 5speed Rebuilt Motor w/ Weber 32/36 Carb


Chopper mirrors 4Runner chrome front bumper and valance


4link, crossmember, notched, bagged


caddy escalade chrome 17s

Future Plans

Currently the in garage, getting bagged in the front to be able to run 20s, rebuilding the motor and installing Weber Carb, shorten the back axle, relocating the back bag setup/compressor, installing fuel cell. In the spring, hopefully re-wrap the seats,

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lilred88   +1y
Added my 1988 Mazda B Series Truck!
garrettnewsome   +1y
Hey how do you get that window lincense plate? that looks badass ive seen it before but i havent got around to ask about it.
rbriggs   +1y
lexans fbi has it, rollpans.com,oh and kick ass truck, is your front bagged or static?
lilred88   +1y
I initially got the lexan window from FBI, but i dont think they have them anymore...
My truck was static in the pic...its in the garage now, getting the front bagged to be able to run 20s, rebuilt motor w/ weber carb, axle shortened.
lilred88   +1y
thread post photo
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