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8 or so 1st place trophies that now collect dust. but the compliments i get from my truck and bagged go-kart is where its at


300 straight 6 with the 5 speed


primer, shaved:drip rails, antenna, emblems, both gas filler doors relocated to underneath sheet metal med, stakepockets, taillights, roof seams, the stock bed floor was cut out and replaced with a bunch of 1x1 and 16 guage sheetmetal over it with tubs we


fiberglassed custom: headliner, door panels, A and B pillars, portion of center console, amp rack, both kick panels w/ plexi glass insert with ford logo in it. relocated AC controls, glassed in 13.3" tv in dash, and tach where the AC controls used to be.


eclipse radio, 3 Diamond Audio CM3 12's in a transmission line box in the bed (3x1 cut out back wall) the box is all wood grain to match the factory wood grain that came with the eddie bauer package. a bunch of other speakers glassed in where they didnt c


stock for now. last summer i did all the metalwork with the expectation of getting the truck to lay frame. 22" billet wheels and tires are not cheap


rockin the stock aluminum 15" with some 255/70/15 on them


Future Plans

finish body mods, rip out interior, engine, electrical, etc i want to chop, section the truck and suicide the doors, basically build a whole new truck from the ground up with my own two hands in my back yard.

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