blackhulk's 1991 Mazda B Series Truck B2200 1 view(s) today





bord .020 over..new pistons rings...main and rod bearings all the bells and what not...was carbed changed to fuel injection and from 5 speed to automatic..painted block and everything else... custom intake(in the works)


shaved door handles, Frenched license plate , dump box york 210 edc, 2001 ranger head lamps with 6k hids..97 yoda 4runner bumper...4wd sheet metal....sheet metal bed floor, half sheet metal engine bay


sheet metal dash 18 ga rx7 dual gauge pillar for fuel and temp grey vinyl warped door panels billet aluminum window cranks fbi digital 5 corner read out


ipad 3(media center) dual 7 inch monitors kenwood 5.25 mids pioneer 5.25 mids kenwood shallow dual 8s kenwood excelon mono block and 4 channel (2k total watts)


re6 up front ss 7 rear slamr 2800 dump box(manual valve) accuair v4u manifold 4 link


mazzi invasion chrome 18x7.5 +42 offset 215 35 18


compustar alarm system painted frame,uca,lca,spindles, calipers,driveshaft, rear end, 4 link,etc stainless steel hard line form edc to tank with swagelock fittings(then to the front bags) stainless steel braided air line form manifold to rear bags

Future Plans

enjoy my labor and money i level drone mobile wifi mobile hub

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blackhulk   +1y
Added my 1991 Mazda B Series Truck!
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wes4190   +1y
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mazdaman_573   +1y
I love that color,and how hard was it 2 change over the engine from carb. 2 fuel injection?
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blackhulk   +1y
It was easy....bolted right up....wiring was easy....i had to extend them since i did a wire tuck....but other then that smooth....fired right up..no tuning....it does it itself
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