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  • 1987 Mazda B Series Truck B2000
  • Color: Gold w/ SE-5 Badging
  • Mileage: 210365





Japanese Import Engine, installed 1992. Arrived with Magnum cover, oil cooler, and front wheel drive/right hand drive carb. As it is interally stock and still in good mechanical shape it is going to be the guinea pig for the mazdabscene forum. :D Compress


Chrome OEM style grille and bumper Removed rear bumper *had rubber covers till some jacka$$ ripped em of the back of my truck GRR* Replaced the rear slider with a fixed window. Transmission is out of a B2200.


Lowered 2" from stock. *gotta get her down more still*


Stock crappy white ones.


I've owned this pickup for 11 years, shes pretty much stock, but I have kept her very well maintained with regular servicing. Its been my daily driver as I have been busy restoring my two Z cars, but now its time that I get on getting this lil pickup fixe

Future Plans

New paint job, lower her a bit more, decent wheels and lower profile tires. Oh and figuring out what engine swap I wanna do.

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