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  • 1994 Toyota 2wd Pickup
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Jeff Baker, of Atlanta, GA is the proud owner of this "Fas Toy". Mike Price, BDA Extreme Fabrications, of Milton, Fl and Jonathan Graham of Pace, FL did all the major frame and suspension fabrication, and body drop on this ride.


Mazda RX7 Rotary engine, 13b bridgeport rotary, holley 750 double pumper carb 300+ hp normally asperated....powdercoated blue metal housings, everything aluminum on engine, polished bling* style.


shave door handles, gas door, tailgate, tailights, & antenna.


light grey interior, vinyl/tweed seats, painted dash, all auto meter guages, replacing stock cluster


alpine tv, DVD changer and Mini Disc, V-12 4 channel amp, alpine S- series component mids and highs, 10" Kicker Solobaric L-7 DVC Subwoofer,


2 5/8" body drop, new rear frame clip, 'Z' sectioned front frame clip. Custom tubing on the C-notch with bag mounts. Trainglated 4-link. Slam Bags.


19 x 8.5" Rollers


Future Plans

19"/20" chromie rim set up, fiberglass hood with molded ram air hood scoop, smooth the firewall, interior bed and fabricate front inner fenders, powder coat the frame...not sure the color yet..either pewter or black chrome, paint current color minus the s

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