devb22's 1989 Mazda B Series Truck B2200 5 view(s) today

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devb22   +1y
I had to grind down the nibs on the drums, rotors and then make sure the are center and tack new nubs to make sure there was no wobble!

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prorida   +1y
^^^^^^^ Dev your reppin pretty hard, me and mike will buy you that ticket over to help moose.hahahahahahahahah
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slammed83mazda   +1y
thanks man, im glad to see more people are having more old school mazdas.

trucks lookin good i like the rear end work.
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immortal1 (linn)   +1y
Thanks for the comment - look forward to seeing more progress pics!
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devb22   +1y
Thanks guys, I will post updated pics soon!
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novacancy   +1y
truck is lookin good!
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devb22   +1y
Thanks man!
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schardbody   +1y
gonna be a sick mini when you are finished.
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devb22   +1y
Thank you sir!
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toolow87   +1y
i really like those wheels, nice work on the setup