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  • 1991 Chevy S-10
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turd 2.8, frenched in clutch master cylinder to clear the upper control arm, relocated fuse box to clear wheel, shaved right side of the fire wall, electric fan, air filter


4" body drop(cut off pinch weld) done in my garage, cross drilled rotors, primer gray, shaved bumper with frenched in tag, phantom grille(19 bars) clear corners, chrome maltese cross mirrors, shaved bodyline, handles, locks, cab seams, factory mirrors, g


mostly stock, some paint on dash, gt grant steering wheel, custom center console, flame tint on sides n rear windows, shorten shifter, cut n bent out petals


alpine head unit, 500 watt amp, 1 10" memphis sub between seats


bagged with firestone 2500 up front, 2" drop spindles, 1/2" line 4 3/8" electric drooz valves, firestone 2600 in back fbi 4-link(all forward) relocated blazer gas tank frenched in bed, 5" notch, 7 gallon tank, viair 450 comp n water trap


chrome 18x7 enkies wrapped in 215/35/18 nittos


Future Plans

paint, but i love the dull look, maybe a fullsize or a hardbody...more pics as soon as winter passes by...dammit

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