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Sorry the only pice I have are from after I wrecked it...Shit happens when you party naked, you know?


A very dirty high milage carburated 2.3L 4 banger with bad timing cover seal/5spd


Fixed the caved in right side, removed emblems, painted grille, filled lots of rust holes, fixed lots of dents, shaved pass mirror(they didn't match- Junkyard door)- Painted in Plasti-Kote Primer Black Lacquer


Built a fiberglass console but had to break it cuz i am a moron - 91 Mazda Protege' bucket seats - Fiberglassed dash bezel but never finished - Painted all plastic I could remove


Clarion BD-216, MTX 4202, Image Dynamics IDQ-12SVC in sealed box, cheap ass ghetto 6.5" that never really got installed permanently


2" Blocks, 1 leaf removed w/ air shocks, torsions cranked way the hell down- Rode like a mechanical bull but looked cool doing it


Stock steelies w/ chrome old skool hubcaps that i polished the holy hell out of


Future Plans

Sue the bastards that hit me. I had big plans including bags, 4 link, suicide pass door, side hinged hood and tailgate, body drop, rolled and capped rockers, a front end swap I'd still like to do one day, flared fenders all around, body drop, '40 Ford das

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