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  • 1989 Mazda B Series Truck B2200
  • Color: sanded down pearl orange
  • Mileage: 82
  • Club: Down 2 Earth



have a few from having it over the years. but the frame just came out at the end of summer last year . truck went under total redo since being out last time so it hass been 4 years since


swapped out the stock 2.2 and put in a 302 small block ford. pretty much everything is chromed


everything is pretty much shaved,40x40 sliding rag top, suicide doors using factory hinges, truck was widened 4 inches, 4x4 bed, the front will be a totally diffrent truck. whole new front end conversion.


everything will be all sheet metal and tubing. have been working on the console and dash. first time tring to do one


nothing to crazy. just a little something for some sound.


everything converted over to toyota suspension. the front has cando specialties control arms with djm cntrol arms and slam re7s. out back made the 4 link with slam re8s on lower bars. made the frame from the firewall back for a stockfloor body drop


22x71/2 gio 942s


just want to thank everyone who has helpedme out. it has been a long road to get to this point. finally got the cab and bed on frame to do some metal work. hopefully will only have to take it off one more time.

Future Plans

my goal is to hopefully to have the body on the truck for spring. and if i have the time and it is possibe try and try and paint it over the summer

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draggnmazda   +1y
Added my 1989 Mazda B Series Truck!
cmiller_10   +1y
bro... from wat i see this is going to be an amazing truck
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