immortal1 (linn)'s 1990 Mazda B Series Truck B2200 1 view(s) today


immortal1 (linn)
  • 1990 Mazda B Series Truck B2200
  • Color: Purple
  • Mileage: 125000
  • Club: Altered Images



Lowrider Magazine shows: 5 best of show truck, many 1st, many other best of's (interior, display, paint, hydraulics).


Candy purple block, chrome header, Weber 32/36, custom intake, lots of chrome.


Shaved handles, Toyota front bumper, Topper w/slider, visor, wing, suicide hood & tailgate. Purple base w/purple pearl & magenta flake.


Full custom build with walkthru - 80% of dash, steering column, & 4 plastic trim panels are the only Mazda parts left. Purple velvet, white vinyl, mirrors & neon throughout.


Soundstream amps, Clarion headunit, Orion subs & components.


Full 4 pump hydraulic setup with 8" up front & 12" in the rear. Most of install is chrome including all suspension, hard lines, pumps, etc.


13x7 chrome/gold Crowns


Chrome Items: Way to many to list in the allowed space.

Future Plans

I think i'm done with this one.

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immortal1 (linn)   +1y
Added my 1990 Mazda B Series Truck!
maztang (ryan)   +1y
wicked truck man. i have always loved the lowriders. nice work. i can't wait to see your daughters truck completed.
silverbody96   +1y
Truck is sweet bro! I have seen it in person at the LRM show at Indy.. Will you be their this year?
devb22   +1y
Nice truck!

southernrazed   +1y
do you ever drive that beast?
fuck id be scared to drive it i wouldend want to spend 40 hours polishing chrome
mark   +1y
The detail on your truck is insane! I'd hate to drive that in the rain and have to polish everything up the day after lol
novacancy   +1y
thanks for the complment, love the undercarriage, nice job
slammed83mazda   +1y
The truck is flawless, Very detialed but not over the edge very clean. Still workin with your daughters maz hows it coming?
mazdaon22ʹs   +1y
love your truck dude!when i see shit like this it makes me wanna get back in the garage!!!
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