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Who needs em


B18 VTEC with stand alone fuel management.


Soon to be Mini Cooper 870, Electric Blue Pearl, Shaved tailgate with plate box, frenched antenna, I also got rid of all of those pesky doorhandles, drip rails body mouldings, gas tank, gas filler door, heater, air conditioning, roof and tailights :)


2big ass bench seats, and tweed door panels and dash peices, Fiberglass center console for the gauges and switches and I even made some fancy cupholders that perfectly your favorite can of TAB. Oh and there is a 20 gal. fuel cell in the back for those lon


AC Delco Gold Series with AM FM Cassette and manual bass and trebel control, I can also fade the sound from the front to the back as well as to the left and right.... I dont fuck around :)


SD Parallel 4 link, SD 8 In. notch, Belltech 3 In. drop spindles with Airlift 2600 all around with 1/2 in. "E" valves and 1/2 line, 2 Air Zenith compressors, 9 Gal. tank, 3 inch frame Z to lay rocker bitch.


Stock / 22in. Rozzi Switch


Future Plans

Finish my Suburban for April 2006. All work being done by myself and Vinnie Sadler (gawbztoyota) and his brother Andy (dragginphrame),I want to thank them for all of their help with the truck, it really is a good feeling knowing who your real freinds are.

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