slammed83mazda's 1983 Mazda B Series Truck Sundowner 1 view(s) today


  • 1983 Mazda B Series Truck Sundowner
  • Color: grey/blue
  • Mileage: 106



Brand New Transmission Brand New Clutch w/ throw out bearing


Everything is Shaved Except The Tailights


S-10 Bucket Seats.


Just a Cheap $40 cd player for now


Bagged all the way around, 2500s up front and 2600s out back.


They 16's but I keep em clean,

Future Plans

New Primer, 17s or 18s body drop and paint, its got a ways to go.

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slammed83mazda   +1y
Added my 1983 Mazda B Series Truck!
zaminis   +1y
Love ya madza dude - It's got a really cool style...
bagged2600   +1y
Those oldschools are tight!!! how do you like that head unit got a pic of it.
devb22   +1y
You and MAZTANG have some of the nicest oldsckool minis on this forum! Keep them things clean, as always nice truck!
baggedb22   +1y
How how ya been man, did u get her back on the road agian i've always loved this truck, keep up the good work...
slammed84mazda   +1y
Old Skewl Kewl
slammed83mazda   +1y
thanks guys
badchicn (rick)   +1y
That thing is tits! Those Navis look good too.
maztang (ryan)   +1y
i realized that i have never tagged your gallery bro. so tag! your truck is the reason i wanted one so bad and now have one. keep up the good work bro.
tuna   +1y
2004 Lincoln Navigator 18" w/ 215/35 18 Pirelli Tires.
I have another set of 4 tires the same size. Their about 219.00 a tire new.
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