maztang (ryan)'s 1983 Mazda B Series Truck B2000 1 view(s) today


maztang (ryan)
  • 1983 Mazda B Series Truck B2000
  • Mileage: 0
  • Club: Sunset



Road dots


Stock with a weber 32/36 dfav, 1 3/4 exhaust with a cherry bomb


hotrod black


stock with a beer tap shifter


FBSS, slams in the front and rear. 50/50 4 link for now, bags over axle, 9 switches 1/2 fill valves, 1/2 dumps.


Full moons

Future Plans

stock floor bodydrop with a full tubular chassis, frame used as the air tank, B2200 Diesel Engine that will run on bio diesel, cantilever on a rx7 irs rearend, tilt bed, wood floor in the bed and the cab, wood door panels, suicide doors, weld tailgate shu

maztang (ryan)   +1y
Added my 1983 Mazda B Series Truck!
bagged2600   +1y
That truck is pimp!!
crazymikey   +1y
I can't beleive you bought that. I'm so jealous now,lol

Did you trade the wife and kids in for it?
maztang (ryan)   +1y
haha, no they are still here. the kids love it. thanks for the props guys. i have a ton of plans building up for it.
devb22   +1y
Maztang, that truck is off the hook man! Youve got me wanting one now! I can't wait to see this thing in person sometime! Great purchase, and good luck building....

immortal1 (linn)   +1y
Thanks for the guest book comments - hopefully will be able to get some "garage" pics up soon of the project dawg!
immortal1 (linn)   +1y
So, I assume the 83 is stayin charged. Look forward to some pics with the front end done
maztang (ryan)   +1y
yeah it is staying charged now, that was one for the books. i will post up some more pics as i go, i am in the process of building my door panels right now.
baggedb22   +1y
hey man thanks for the comment both of your projects are deffenitly coming along well to! Keep it up and make sure to update as u go along...
h2omelon(nick)   +1y
lovin the old school look