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AHH POO!! Awards r SOOO over rated!! I dont need no stinkin' award!!! lol


Brand New 2.4L 4-Banger w/ a Brand New automatic transmission


Stock Mitsubishi White with thick GAY ASS green and grey pin stripe!!! I "shaved" the 2 MITSUBISHI emblems on the front fenders this past weekend. Now as soon as i have some free time, im gonna peel off the pinstripe and the lettering on the tailgate!!


Stock blue and overall not to bad of shape, for being a 10 year old truck!!


New system is on the way. 2 15" Kicker L7's, a pair of Kicker K693 6x9's, a pair of Kicker K6.2 Component Speakers, Audiobahn A18001DT Amp, and a Sony CDX-MP80. System right now cant even play C.D.'s too loud b/c it starts scrathing them. It really sux. I


Stock!! But im hopin to @ least have it bagged before November!! Thats my goal!! and then the B/D will come shortly afterwards!!


Stock chrome alloys. Once i bag it though, ill have me some 18" and 20" Alba Battle to take their place!!


Future Plans

I could write an entire page on my future plans, but ill start off by sayin' right now its gettin a new stereo system, and as soon as summer rolls around, Chaotic Customs in Tomball (281-290-6000) will be going to work on my trucks rearend by welding it a

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