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I have (4) 1st place trophies for an actual show if Whitlee counts(lol). And I also have (8)1st place trophies in stereo contests. With my 4th order I did a 168.8 outlaw and a 147 on the dash.


2.4 Liter nissan engine. I have a lil bit of wire loom under the hood to add a lil color to the otherwise stock engine.


I have a fiberglass tonneau. I have tinted windows. I also have a custom bed kit; other then that just really stock.


My interior has a custom built center console; (thanks Damon aka... spankthatbass)with grey tweed. Also some other parts on the inside has been tweeded.


The stereo has been my main focus so far. I have 4 Kove 12" KVR subs in a 4th order bandpass enclosure. I have an Ample 1100watt class D on the subs; I also have a Stinger (1)Farad capacitor. As far as my highs go I have (2)5 1/4 Kove speakers in the door


I have lowered the nissan a total of 4". By using a set of AIM drop spindles up front. In the back I used 3" angled blocks. I also have a set of drop shocks.


The wheels in the pictures were right after I got my truck they were alright but they didn't tuck so now I have a set of pathfinder wheels; wrapped in 195/60 goodyear rubber.


Future Plans

My future plans are to hopefully one day get a paint job and shaved tailgate handle and door handles; I also plan on getting a roll pan and one day in the near future getting bags installed and laying frame.

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