seattle mazda guy's 1986 Mazda B Series Truck B2000 1 view(s) today


seattle mazda guy
  • 1986 Mazda B Series Truck B2000
  • Color: Grayish
  • Mileage: 300000



The most Rust award. haha JK


Stock 2.0L, but gonna swap with a 13B T2, w/T2 transmission and stand alone.


Rusty, got a beat to shit 4x4 bed that needs work to go on there, but its body dropped and shaved. 91 4x4 grill, shaved B pilers,


Integra seats, 2nd gen rx-7 steering wheel


91 stock Claron. pos audiovox speakers in the back that came with the truck. the stock speakers in the front are louder and nicer. haha


4in slanted drop blocks.


Chrome stock. 205/60/15

Future Plans

RX-7 FC3s s5 Trubo2 engine, transmission 5sp, Stand alone system, different rear end, work on the damn 4x4 bed, right hand drive cab and 96-98 non-usa front end, body drop, coil overs(yes i know every

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seattle mazda guy   +1y
Added my 1986 Mazda B Series Truck!
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91b2200(cody)   +1y
i love the hood .. and iam lookin for one to buy actually
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dsnthvaclu   +1y
Your truck is a total whore
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