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  • 1987 Toyota 2wd Pickup
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most dust collected in a four-year time span


Stock 22R. Powdercoated valve cover, header heat sheild, upper A-arms, lower control arms. Smoothed engine compartment with front inner fenderwells. All wiring has been hidden. Relocated battery.


About 4 different colors of primer right now. 4WD bed and front fenders. Cut the roof off and chopped it down so it will be a full time vert from now on. Pulled the doors off and skinned the door openings. Grant Fab tailight fillers, full skin combo out b


There aint a fuckin thing on the interior except a bunch of power tools layin in it from building the start of my sheetmetal dash.


This motherfucker lays body all damn day long. I don't need no fucking stereo in it. Just to take up space in this "Stereo description box", I'm gonna say that "CUSTOM RIDES ARE BUILT, THEY DO NOT COME FROM AUTOZONE" word


Six 10mm SMC''s. One Viair chrome 450 and a 7 gallon airtank. All 1/2" airline. Custom 4-link out back with the bags about halfway up the top bars. Rear lifts about 13" but the front only lifts 8". Who really gives a shit though as long as it drags like n


18 inch Veloche Spikes.with 215/35-18 crap tires.


Future Plans

Throw a whole shit-ton of Flat Black on it, ditch the fucking chrome Veloches for some gangster white Cokers and maybe some 'oh-shit-that-nigga-didn't-go-an-put-some-bad-boy-double-dip-triple-throw-down-bass-boat-flake-straight-outta-the-50s-Lime-Green-se

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