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  • 1984 Mazda B Series Truck B2000
  • Color: Silver
  • Mileage: 102



Stock 2.0 Threw stock carb as far as I could throw it! Holly 5200 now resides in its place on the stock intake with a homemade aluminum adapter heli-arced on. Took a 5 Gallon bucket full of exhaust l


Original Paint except on tailgate which has been swapped for a Ford Courier. Courier grill. Stock marker lite holes in bumper filled with mesh (drivers side feeds cold air intake). 1967 mustang mirror


Blue, Pretty much original and nice. Homemade kickpanels for 6 1/2's Head unit in panel under stock radio where clock and tape deck were. Mexi-Blanket covers seat till I can get it recovered. Put door


Older JVC Chameleon in panel under stock radio (modern DIN doesn't fit without poking out). Cheap Kenwood 6 1/2's in fiberglass kicks.


Flipped lower B.J.'s, 1" lower B.J. spacers, 1 coil cut. Spring pocket cut for clearance. 3" o'reilly lowering blocks. Stock 1984 shocks all around...rides as good as it did stock...well alm


stockers painted charcoal grey

Future Plans

A/C, Recover seat, Sub-woofer, 5-lug, Bullet Mustang wheels, 80 maz hood, custom grill similar to new GT mustang with round foglights in center, shave cab vents, salvage as much original paint as poss

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