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plumbous blimp
  • 1993 Mazda B Series Truck B2200
  • Color: gunmetal
  • Mileage: 132





I has the base 2.2L F2 EFI engine that it came with. I put a cherry bomb glasspack and a new 02 sensor in it and got 12% better economy!


When i bought it it was in pretty good shape, only minor rust. It now has a chrome grille and mirrors, diamond cut headlights, and clear corner lights. Soon to have a taco chrome front bumper.


The interior is original with a bench seat and grey plastic, all i did was put a small aftermarket tach outside the guage cluster just in front of the fuel gauge.


It's got a bluetooth Sony deck with two 4" Pioneer speakers in the dash. I added two 4" pioneer speakers in behind the seat, but it still sounds bad.


The truck is at stock ride height. Gonna drop it with the torsion bars and blocks this summer


16" alloys with 225/60r16 summer rubber


It came with a box liner and a jobbox, not much to look at, but it works.

Future Plans

I've got an F2T that i'm working on, but what i really want is a twin turbo RX7 engine, or swap in the complete drivetrain from a Subaru legacy/impreza

Best 1/4 Mile Run

23.280 @ 64mph view all

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Added my 1993 Mazda B Series Truck!
plumbous blimp   +1y
New quartermile time, 23.280@64.000! new run!
plumbous blimp   +1y
how do you get pictures into the garage, i can't get it. I have no idea how to get the files to so few kilobytes.
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