gravity5's 1994 Mazda B Series Truck B4000 1 view(s) today


  • 1994 Mazda B Series Truck B4000
  • Color: Blue / Graphics
  • Mileage: 135000
  • Club: Dropsicles



A few best paints and best graphics....and a few 1st and second place plastic bookends, as nice as they are, I do it because I love it, not because I want someone else to love it.


4.0 liter ford, late model high comp heads, headman headers, custom 2.5 exhaust, with flowmaster 40 series, custom intake built by me ceramic coated inside and out, msd wires and a little bit of paint


Shaved, LEd taillights, 350 z blue with graphics by me. Soon to be very very different///


18/20 inch KMC nemesis.....for

Future Plans

rebuild entire truck, 20's or 22's all around, cantilever rear suspension, control arms in place of i beams in front, amll block ford motor, new paint, big ass stereo.....and all the lovely girls to p

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gravity5   +1y
Added my 1994 Mazda B Series Truck!
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devb22   +1y
Can only imagine what this mini looks like! I know you do GREAT work, and hopefully I will be able to have some of your work on my truck in the near future! See you at the VISIONS show this year??
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devb22   +1y
Dropsicles ROCK!
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speedster93b   +1y
are there pics and i just don't see them? you going to dropzone this year?
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