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racer x
  • 1988 Mazda B Series Truck B2200
  • Color: Red
  • Mileage: 255



1985 13B GSL-SE 6-Port rotary


4x4 swap done and cali combo on the back with clear bumper and taillights.Chrome trim on the bumper, Chrome handles and chrome tails


Stocker LX package with tilt steering,Bucket seats and center console


Sony CD player and speakers.


Spring Tech drop kit (2" spindle and 5" blocks) with Monroe Max Air shocks rear with a air shock controller to adjust the rear ride height.Air shocks in the front as well


18" Escalade wheels


Notched the rear fixed 90% of the rust it had.Changed alot of parts.

Future Plans

Who knows?

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racer x   +1y
Added my 1988 Mazda B Series Truck!
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crazymikey   +1y
Cool truck dude! I see the CP Racing sticker on it....I used to work for him.
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racer x   +1y
Thanks.Thats where I bought the carb setup for my 13b from.I've bought stuff for my car from them too.
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mr. b22   +1y
nice nice truck dude! and killer motor swap. could you please post up some info and pics on your front and rear monroe max air air shock install on the forums. im about to go out parts shopping and would love to have some info. thanks
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racer x   +1y
The rears are B2200 air shocks and the fronts are for the rear of a late 70's mustang II.I had to cut the bumpstops out to clear the little airbags on the shocks.
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mike15   +1y
Hey man,

Where did you get those rims from?
I want a pair!!!
They look sick!!
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racer x   +1y
Those are 3rd gen escalade wheels.18"x8.5" Got them off ebay for dirt cheap
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mike15   +1y
Okay thanks man!!!
Did they fit as are, or did you have to do some modification?
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racer x   +1y
Ground the tab's off.
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mike15   +1y
Okay thanks,

How did you go about customizing the rear bumper??