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almost every show i took it to but theres a couple i didnt get anything an im not trying to brag about it


350 5.7L


fully custom nothin stock it had 59 cadi taillights with the body line an a 02 chevy front end on it an bodydropped on 22's all the way around with a bad ass retro style flame paint job worth up to $18'000 which is now striped an primer blue waiting on th


fully custom nothing stock it had a one off metal fab dash retro style an a metal fab center console goin thru the four bucket seats an one off door panels now the hole interior is now striped an ready for the new an improved retro interior


three 12" subs will be the same but hidden an theyll be 3 12" W7s


baged and bodydroped will be bagged an the rockers shortened


22" all the way around an will be 22/24--- 3/4 lock to lock


Future Plans

to redo the (loburban) and make it the (old retro burban) (RETROBURBAN)(59-TO-09)im striping it to make it mine so no one now can hate on me about flosin a bought not built so now i can say i bought built but now built not bought going to be underconst

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