bagged2600's 1990 Mazda B Series Truck B2600 3 view(s) today


  • 1990 Mazda B Series Truck B2600
  • Color: pink primer
  • Mileage: 0



Just driving it


2600i cold air intake ,exhaust


fully shaved,pink, primer,yota taco front bumper


mostly stock and pretty damn clean 8"monitor in dash


3 JL Audio W3 10's, JL Audio 500/1 amp,JVC KDLH-1100 head unit, clairion highs,JBL mids 8"screen


2500 Contitechs up front,2600 conti's out back,50/50 four link, 7 gallon tank,engine driven compressor,and a Vair 380 for back up, ,1/2" valves,1/2" line



Future Plans

bodydrop to the rockers.put the rest of the truck in pink primer,and continue to drag the shit out of it!!!

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bagged2600   +1y
Added my 1990 Mazda B Series Truck!
silverbody96 avatar
silverbody96   +1y
Trucks looks great bro!coming along great! I like that steering wheel I had one of those in my old truck!
devb22 avatar
devb22   +1y
Hey buddy, I am really liking the half-circle notch! I have never seen one installed! And your truck is coming along great! Keep it going! Nice.....
bagged2600 avatar
bagged2600   +1y
Got the whole thing in primer now, no more primer spots!!!
slammed83mazda avatar
slammed83mazda   +1y
truck looks killer man
mazdamini avatar
mazdamini   +1y
Love where you put the screen real clean.
lowblownranger avatar
lowblownranger   +1y
this trucks sold isnt it
mike15 avatar
mike15   +1y
Hey man,
Where did you buy your mirrors and side headlights?
I would really appreciate your help!!
bigbabybarber avatar
bigbabybarber   +1y
Truck looks great have a ? for ya the plug on your distuber what order are the wires in I have a 2600 that somebody cut the plug off and my buddy pulled the wires before i could mark them and it will do nothing now please help text to 770-769-6936 or Email to <!-- e --><a href="mailto:brianbarber13@gmail.com">brianbarber13@gmail.com</a><!-- e -->

thanks for you help
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