sponge splawn's 1994 Isuzu Rodeo 2 view(s) today


sponge splawn
  • 1994 Isuzu Rodeo
  • Color: Red
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  • Club: No Regrets



Feb '08 MiniTruckin' Under Construction, Minituck Meyham Kasu San Video Model Shoot, and a lot of "What the hell is that?"'s, and "Why would you do that?"'S


2.6 ltr 4 cyl w/ a 4spd AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION. Modded Honda Civic intake and a yellow top. A lot of relocated crap. And big holes with giant wheels poking through!!!


Amigo front end swap. One off front bumper, Ranger valence and headlights. Tacoma Trenz Billie grille. Shaved corners(These fuckers were a night mare. We got 9 Hours into each side just in metal work. As little filler as possible. Thanx Jeff from "JRS Cus


Up graded to a '96 Honda Passport Dash, column, seats and console. Installed all factory power windows and added some some red suede to the doors. Honestly, it looks a little better but still looks like shit. I'll worry about that later.


Pioneer in dash flip out DVD with a 2nd 7 inch screen moulded into dash


Bodydropped 2 1/4 inches traditional. Thanks to Jay with Fab-Lab and the crew at Advanced Auto Design in Auburn . Bagged front and rear with 2600lb Slam's(thats right, you read correctly, 2600's up front too). This thing gets some crazy mad lift. Its NUTZ


22's all the way around. AND YES ITS STILL 6 LUG!!! 22x8.5 Verde Madonas

Future Plans

Will have new pics of the bodydrop up soon, but I can confirm that it is laying flat rocker on the 22's. Shaving the last part of the truck that was never done, the gas filler. New filler is going on the roof!! KP Concepts did a rendering of the new paint

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