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Watching people breaks their necks in curiousity of how the truck drives that low is more satisfying than a trophy could be!!!


stock 2.2 four banger. Never added anything but have removed a lot. Removed coolant res, wiper juice bottle, relocated computer and fuse box, and removed ABS!


Shaved doors, shaved tailgate, welded rollpan, clear corners, billet grill, and 35"x35" ragtop all work done by me and a couple friends! A buddy of mine sprayed it in baby blue primer.


Hmmm...Polar Bear furred pillars, headliner, dash, and back plastic panels. Done by us!


Kenwood head unit that I relocated into the center console to make room for the 10.4" screen that's molded into the dash. The speakers are stock, just added some tweeters. It has 1 12" Kicker CVR and a 400 watt Performance Tek amp in a custom made box. Ho


Current setup is only Front/Back. Running one 5 gallon, 1 450 viar, 4 SMC 3/8" valves, 3/8" line, and 2 switches in a sick lowrider panel. haha. Once again, done by us! Can't forget the TRAIN HORNS in the bed!!!


18x8.5" Panther Juice with 225/40/18!


Future Plans

Currently bodydropping it to the rockers!!! Take off the bags and Juice it on a 2 pump hydraulics kit. Sheet Metal the bed. Shave the 3rd brake light and gas door. Other than that i can't think of what else...but with minitrucks....there is anyways someth

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