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2g xtrme tukn karmas
  • 2000 Chevy Xtreme
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second place trophies in the first two shows i put it in after paint and shit and some gay ass plaque from holland mild to wild show


2.2 with k@n filter, stage 2 jet chip,billet servos in the trans, 2800 stall converter, trans shift kit,series 40 flowmaster,180 degree thermostat


shaved handles,gas door,third brake light,stock taillights,now i am using 10.5 inch led lights,smooth combo in the rear to clean things up and a fresh house of colors paintjob with some new 20s to fil the wells a little better


blue and black drivers fx racing buckets with four point harness,matching steering wheel,custom painted dash pieces to match outer paint,


none yet least of my worries


bagged all around by the guys from all the xtras in jenison michigan


20 inch kaizer with 255 35 20 sumitomo rubs


Future Plans

now i am saving for a turbo for my 2.2 from tj at dr.Phils in spring lake, eventually get some 20's,fuel cell,thorbecke brothers 3 link setup, and whatever else coms to mind

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