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For the moment the motor is your average 3.0 Yamaha standard for any 90 SHO with the exception of a performance chip and ram air induction. But thats gonna be remedied. I am in the process of building a new 3.0 with lower compression and higher performa


Oxford white with standard SHO body kit. All SHO labels are painted blue.


blue neons, stock 6 way power seats with power bolster leather seats. All seats and other leather has been dyed black with the exception of the dash which I still have to pull to dye black and blue. My trunk is close to being finished out with 1 inch pi


JVC KD-G800 reciever, 100 watt pioneer amp pushing Jensen 6x9 2 ways, JBL premium sound speakers in doors, pair of 4" premium sound speakers from a 85 thunderbird mounted in the custom trunk walls, 300 watt Rockford Fozgate Punch amp pushing a 15" Fozgate


stock aside from new KYB struts


stock 1G SHO basket weave with 2G centercaps


Future Plans

I am in the process of building a new 3.0 Yamaha with lower compression and higher performance parts to accept a Garrett T3 turbo. The T3 turbo is smaller than what I really want but I have it on hand and setting it up in the car will allow me for futur

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