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Features-Street trucks July 07, Tailgate Aug 07, Mini Truckin March 07, Gauge Magazine Dec 06, cover of dtp counterculture, featured in crime pays far from famous


stock 2.4 liter 4 cylinder big block, cold air intake, painted and detailed engine & tranny, relocated 2 optima red top batteries behind front bumper, all engine wiring extended 4 feet. Raised clutch master cylinder. Molded in Front tubs and squared of


Just repainted AUG 07 custom mix PPG money green. Shaved: handles, gas door, rear cab lines, mirrors, antenna, wiper squirters. Billet mirrors. Molded headlight filler panels to fenders. Molded fenders, Full skin combo. Tan rag top, billet grill, 4 whe


Malibu sand tweed, tons of billet and chrome, one off air gauge mount, embroidered seat, 100 dollar bills and skulls. Fully carpeted with bisquik carpet. Custom fiberglass center console. Hand made door panels that house two sets of audiobahn 6.5 inch 2


Alpine deck, audiobahn components, and amps. custom stealth enclosure for 3 12" audiobahn subs in the bed.


3 and a quarter inch body drop that lays flat rocker with no Z, fully reversed triangulated 4 link that rips my drive shaft out of my transmission and pole vaults me through the air everytime i hit the brakes. 8 inch notch, custom cross members, bagged wi


18x7.5 omni mellinium 6 chrome rims with 43 mm offset with kumho exsta 215X35X18's.


Future Plans

we will see

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