badchicn (rick)'s 1991 Mazda B Series Truck B2200 2 view(s) today


badchicn (rick)
  • 1991 Mazda B Series Truck B2200
  • Color: Black and Silver
  • Mileage: 186000
  • Club: Fleetwood



Hole in Gas tank award, destroyed crossmember award, flipin' a dot on a cop's hood award


2200 FI , K&N snorkel air filter (squirrel chasing a nut on a string)


Roadster, caddy taillights, shaved (door handles, gas door, tailgate, antenna, cowl, body seams) , Chevy front bumper, custom billet grill, walk-thru, roll pan


Black leather Honda civic seats, full length fiberglass center console, B.A.D. billet wheel, MOMO shift knob. Working on custom back seat.


Pioneer CD. *NEW* Looking at 2 12" in a bandpass box powered by my old PPI 1000w amp.


SFBD frame FRONT: Firestone 2600 bags, Toy clip, Phattie's big Brake Kit REAR: Firestone 2600bags, 85 Toyota rear, Phattie's big Brake Kit, wishbone 3-link, custom drive shaft


18X7 Enkie 40mm back space


I've been scrapin' dots for 16 years with this truck.

Future Plans

Find someone to touch up paint and color match my bed cover.

badchicn (rick)   +1y
Added my 1991 Mazda B Series Truck!
cl (chris)   +1y
I love roadsters looks good
speedster93b   +1y
i've seen your truck at shows. i really like the body line in the cowl!
badchicn (rick)   +1y
Thanks, guys. I'm just starting on it again. Hearing that RESO was going to be over this year kinda spured me on. I got it back on the road this weekend. I need to put a new tire in the front tho, It sucks cause these tires have maybe 200miles on them.
slammed83mazda   +1y
thanks alot yo, truck looks sick im really diggin the colors
nytrdr24   +1y
nice topless dawg! like the blk & slvr paint, very kleen
fe3tcourier   +1y
Your ute was unrated, so i gave it 10/10 because i love it! a convertable ute wouldnt work well in nz with all the rain, but looks like its pretty warm n dry where you are! cool!!!!

love the moulded front bumper, love the convertableness!!


dragginmazdog   +1y
love the conv. like the grill and head lights too. How hard was it to make and where you get the grill insert from?
badchicn (rick)   +1y
Mounting the head lights was no problem. Just drilled 3 -1/4" holes in the core support per side. The grill I have had for years, I think I bought it from JBM truck parts, but I had to cut it shorter to fit between the lights. In all, it took an afternoon to mount up. I am going to use some fiberglass body filler to smooth out the cuts, then paint it silver.
b2fe3   +1y
How did you make that front bumper? I love how clean it looks. And those brakes look great man. I gotta ask, how did you mount those hats and the calipers?