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Nothing... The more shit i do the less awards i win... Oh wait i got a urination in public ticket... That was the best $185 piss i ever took...


2.2, custom oil pan, custom oil pick-up, sectioned intake manifold, handmade intake. some chrome and billet parts.


shaved doors, gas door, 3rd break light, cab seams, taillights, full smooth skin combo,inner bed, hood squirters, antenna, mirrors. Finally have the Colorado lights installed. Upsidedown... And finally got the 37x40 electric rag in too.


was zebra everything, in the process of fiberglassing everything except seats and floor. stock black carpet and grey and black suede bucket seats with shaved headrests. Line-X in the inside of the cab.i finally got my dash smoothed and painted as well as


4 stock blown speakers, kenwood excelon 7inch touch screen DVD, CD, TV, radio. custom fiberglass speaker box for 3 W6 V2 12in subs.


Front: 2600 firstone bags, 1/2 parker valves, kyb shocks. Back: Cantelever 4-link, trophy truck style lower link bars, firestone 2600 bags, kyb shocks, 2-5 gallon tanks, 2-viair 400c compressors, hand built frame from control arms back, stock floor body d


was the foose speedsters but now i have centerline smoothie 20's front and back. currently in the process of reduing the front to lay on 20's


Future Plans

replace dash and door speakers, and maybe paint. Possibly 2 1/2 inch conventional bodydrop to the doors, sheet metal bed, wheels tubs under the hood.

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